Having your “cake” & eating it too.

This song ‘alpha beta parking lot’ has been stuck in my head all day and it usually gets stuck in my head whenever I go grocery shopping at our local grocery store – because the sunset from the parking is so fabulous.

Stay tuned : I’ll insert a photo in the future – the next time I go grocery shopping…

‘Prolonging the Magic’ by Cake, one of my most favorite albums of all-time.

But many years ago – I was high as fuck silently standing in the center of thousands of fans chanting “satan is my motor” when something changed.

Think about everything. Why do you like a song. Why do you like a person. Why do you think the way you do. It all comes down to ‘Why’.

Right behind you

Last week I went back home to New Mexico, deathly sick I maintained reality on DayQuil and espresso and all the red Chile I could force myself to eat. Before my flight home I was shaking, my ears were ringing, I was sure I was not going to make it- but, after a beer and 3 cocktails I got on the airplane… I did make it home, but my advice to everyone – remember Death is just always “right behind you“.

P.S. Thank you GOD, for making people just show up out of no where and letting me see everyone I love.

If you need to get away

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Drink. Repeat.

We went on a family Christmas vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And instead of rehashing the story over and over again when everybody is asking about my tan- this is where we stayed and my suggestion for anybody wanting to go to the “DR”:



Ask for Georgina at Volalto she was a RAD hostess & definitely hire the chef from Hacienda A13; José for all your meals. I can’t wait to go back.

My only regret was not going deep sea fishing…

The internet

The golden age of the internet is over – it’s not breaking news by any means… Thinking about it did inspire me to write this:

How to make the internet cool again

You want to be paid for being a youtube star?
Free stuff cuz bots follow your instagram?

Grow up. 
Buy a domain.
Pay for bandwidth.
Say what the fuck you want.
Post your pics & videos.
Beg for money.

If this doesn’t work 
get off the internet.

Linda Vigil

The War on Consciousness

With what seems like so little time to do anything daily, who has the time to think about consciousness?

20 years ago I was pretty much already focused on altered states of consciousness. In the days of a society with slow internet speeds and dumb cellphones, I was quietly reading esoteric books, smoking pot & sitting by a campfire most nights. In this setting I was able to take a Ayahuasca journey.

A friend had decided to leave everything he had and move to the Amazon. Though he was a couple of decades older than me & my husband, when we left him at the yyc airport gate it was like dropping our kid off at summer camp – one suitcase with everything that he chose to keep and a fearful look in his eyes.

On one of his trips back to visit. He brought a brew made by his local Shaman. Oh, the crazy things you do when you are young… when handed a dark mushy tea to drink you do so, so you can trip your brains out. It’s been decades and without searching my journals I couldn’t tell you much about the journey except that it changed my view on what reality is. In the end my friend paid for pushing his limits of exploration, killed in the backwoods of the Amazon… I think of him quite a lot these days.

Book recommendation: The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

or listen to this youtube video: Ayahuasca Benefits – The Cosmic Serpent | Cosmic Echo Podcast