Intergalactic Spider

“A spider, I saw the last time I went Home” by Linda Vigil

It was not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last…

Seeing the lines of reality. Last night when going to bed, totally lucid and relaxed I slipped into definite state of awareness. Focusing my eye to a point where I saw something flash in the corner of my eye, then un-focusing / re-focusing and zeroing in on that point – like trying to focus a microscope.

I saw a spider. A tiny spider. A microscopic spider. A almost neon beyond my visual color scope perception spider, weaving the fabric of reality.

It kept its tempo weaving, but I felt like it was crawling away trying to hide. I kept it in my view for a few minutes before I freaked out and started to analyze what I saw. My heart rate was off the charts.

Turquoise: The fractures reminds me of the webs I saw.
It’s interesting that turquoise is a special stone for the Diné.

I need to study more into my culture. The creation story. The Navajo. The Diné.é_Bahaneʼ

I need to look in to this more. Grandmother Spider.

P.S. Don’t kill spiders. Actually don’t kill anything.