The Jetsons vs. The Simpson- a theme song showdown

Woke up this morning with the theme song of The Jetsons in my head. After humming a few notes my husband started humming the theme song of The Simpsons. It turned into a pretty great duet, but then somewhere in the middle it all just became one jumbled mess. Then neither of us could hum either song without messing up.

Then just researching it I found this…

But then we got stuck on some Oingo Boingo playlist and this song came up… totally creeped outTyrion Lannister cameo?!? – not sure- what do you think?

Fahrenheit 451

“But you can’t make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can’t last.”

— Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451: A Novel

There are some books that should be read every year. Fahrenheit 451 should be one of them.


“Fish are cannibals…”

— Linda Vigil

This thought randomly popped into my head over coffee, but wow my mind was on fire! How many other animals are cannibals? I love fishing but hardly eat fish… ? ?

Updated 7pm: I think fish is the theme of the day. Collective cosmic unconsciousness. Went to the post office & the local brewery and both places people were talking about fish. Just like in Repo Man “plate-o-shrimp”.

Slow morning

I woke up tired today, but I motored through the morning by consuming gluten and butter. I am now itchy & my eyes are heavy – but that toast was so good.

I have been trying to focus on one project at a time, but my mind wanders and sometimes it works out for the better. Like today, when I should of been working on my clients stuff – I got lost in playing in my design program & I reimagined my official logo and made a new t-shirt! Get yours now!

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A poem I just wrote.

“Fragile melting snow hiding from the microscopic beams of a dying star.”

— Linda Vigil

I have to admit I love winter. The way it makes people hunker down & put effort into survival. But mostly I love the crispt quiet fragile softness of snow – how it burns uncovered hands quicker than any flame.

But now there is mud- tons of it! And birds coming before sunrise to wake me up and make me think. Buy a signed instax print of this poem!

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Prodigal Daughter

This song brought back so many memories of driving hundreds of miles in the desert with dear friends who I no longer keep in contact with. Maybe for the week I am back home I might run into some them.

One reason – it’s a 24 hour drive that I have made only 3 times in the last 2 decades since I left. I’ve booked tickets for a quick flight this time, with my husband joining me & my family 5 days later.

Although I do not regret most of my life choices- I do regret not returning home more often.

I’ve made a list of things we should do:

  • Don’t get into any trouble

#IDEA: Also I need to break out my VHS camcorder and release a straight to video techno album.

This was the song I was originally looking for: