“Fish are cannibals…”

— Linda Vigil

This thought randomly popped into my head over coffee, but wow my mind was on fire! How many other animals are cannibals? I love fishing but hardly eat fish… ? ?

Updated 7pm: I think fish is the theme of the day. Collective cosmic unconsciousness. Went to the post office & the local brewery and both places people were talking about fish. Just like in Repo Man “plate-o-shrimp”.


I spent the last few days trying to program a automatic timer that opens and closes the door of my neighbors chicken coop. It works perfectly when I’m there, but then when it is suppose to trigger it does not work.

Out of sight out of mind is my motto, but for some reason I haven’t been able to rest properly at night knowing that the chickens might be in harms way (or be able to harm you ?).

When I was programming the device, the chickens where totally trying to figure out what I was doing to their roost. The way they look at you- its like they are trying to tell you “if I was 5 foot taller I would eat you”.