Having your “cake” & eating it too.

This song ‘alpha beta parking lot’ has been stuck in my head all day and it usually gets stuck in my head whenever I go grocery shopping at our local grocery store – because the sunset from the parking is so fabulous.

Stay tuned : I’ll insert a photo in the future – the next time I go grocery shopping…

‘Prolonging the Magic’ by Cake, one of my most favorite albums of all-time.

But many years ago – I was high as fuck silently standing in the center of thousands of fans chanting “satan is my motor” when something changed.

Think about everything. Why do you like a song. Why do you like a person. Why do you think the way you do. It all comes down to ‘Why’.

The internet

The golden age of the internet is over – it’s not breaking news by any means… Thinking about it did inspire me to write this:

How to make the internet cool again

You want to be paid for being a youtube star?
Free stuff cuz bots follow your instagram?

Grow up. 
Buy a domain.
Pay for bandwidth.
Say what the fuck you want.
Post your pics & videos.
Beg for money.

If this doesn’t work 
get off the internet.

Linda Vigil

Is what you buy on Amazon.com literally trash?

Buy local or buy less…” should be everyone’s motto. You’d have to be a complete dimwit if you are asking why your town is slowly becoming a generic dying cliche. Drunken internet shopping, and I’m not just talking about boozing up and spending money you don’t have on stuff you desire. I am talking about consuming. Each one of us, an entity worse than the “fictional Dracula“.

It’s your worst nightmare come true. Everyday billions of consumers are trying to satisfy a desire of obtaining, collecting items waiting to become trash or worse – trash you are willing to pay top dollar for! Buying things that you just store away hoping that one day someone in the future will think “this is the greatest item ever made” (eg: those mini stuffed creatures that everyone thought would make them millionsI think McDonalds are still giving them away for free).

I’m not even sure why I’m on this rant. Maybe I was set off by a local FB post of the needs of an orphan whose good samaritan spokespersons top priority was asking for an Xbox! Technological consumerism, over perhaps – a secure home and a loving family to fill that tragic emptiness?…